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The range of injuries or conditions that can affect the hand and upper-limb is enormous. Some are common, some are extremely rare. Below is a list of the more common injuries we see. Many are not specific to one particular environment. You are just as likely to break a finger making your bed as you are catching a ball! At Anderson Hand Therapy we see all of these conditions and more. No matter what you've done, or where you have done it, if it’s a hand injury, we’ll know what to do.

Conditions We Treat

Finger dislocations & sprains
Arthritis (read more)
Fractures, finger / wrist or arm
Mallet finger
Wrist pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome (read more)

deQuervain’s tenosynovitis
Tennis / golfers elbow
Dupuytren’s disease (read more)
Trigger finger
Scar management (read more)

Traumatic injury including finger replantation or amputation
Repetitive strain injuries
Chronic pain