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  • What we do


At Anderson Hand Therapy, we have a special interest in the management of sporting injuries and wrist pain. Hamish works for the Hawthorn Football Club, and is the only hand therapist in Australia to be employed by an AFL team on a regular basis. He also treats professional and elite athletes in a variety of other sports including but certainly not exclusive to climbing, cricket, rugby union, tennis, basketball, gymnastics, golf, and rowing. This experience at the highest levels of sport rehabilitation means that Hamish has a keen understanding of what a hand or wrist needs to do in order to have you playing your best. Treatment programs can be tailored to help you return to work, sport & play as safely and as swiftly as possible.

Your first visit

When you first sit down in the clinic, be prepared to talk. We will want to know all of the details that are associated with your injury. Then, we will conduct a thorough examination of your hand and arm. Once we are satisfied that we understand your problem, it will be explained to you in as much detail as you need. We firmly believe that unless you understand your condition and its implications, you will find it difficult to get well again.

From this point, treatment begins. This may involve exercises, it may involve splinting and the creation of braces to help rest the hand or correct an injury. It may even require soft tissue work. Whatever your injury requires to repair, you can be assured that it will be appropriate and specific to your individual needs. By the end of the session, you will have a clear picture of what to expect. You will have a written home program to follow, and you will have all of our contact details in case you need our help in between treatments. You hand should also be on the way back to being its’ normal, useful self!


Hand therapists are occupational or physiotherapists who specialise in the management of hand and upper limb injuries. This means that we have a precise focus and understanding of how best to help you with the rehabilitation of your hand, wrist, elbow and / or shoulder problem. Specialisation means that we have an understanding of upper limb anatomy, pathology, and treatment that generic, all round health professionals simply cannot provide.

You may have recently had surgery, or suffered an injury on the sporting field, at work, or at home. As Accredited Hand Therapists as awarded by the Australian Hand Therapy Association, we can evaluate and treat almost any condition related to the upper extremity. We work alongside some of Melbourne’s best hand surgeons, and with them have developed specific rehabilitation programs for many common surgeries and diagnoses.

  • Splinting. A keystone of what we can do, splints are made out of thermoplastic or neoprene, and are custom fitted to ensure they are comfortable and supportive. Splints can be used to rest an inflamed joint, to permit healing of a fracture or sprain, or to protect an injury from further hurt.
  • Exercise. Once the joint is ready to move, it must move in order to fully repair itself. Exercises, be they for movement or strength, are tailored to the specific needs of your injury, and are adjusted at every visit.
  • Modalities. If appropriate, sometimes injuries need extra help to improve. Treatments we use include iontophoresis, ultrasound, and massage.
  • Scar management. Silicone, pressure garments, cross-friction treatments, and stretches are all important, but require timing and precision to work well. We can help with this.
  • Wound care. The proper management of open / sutured wounds helps to prevent infection, and increase healing.
  • Oedema control. Control of swelling is vital. Compression garments, wraps, and massage are important after surgery or minor hand trauma.
  • Nerve care. We can help with desensitisation of overly painful injuries, acute or chronic pain management, and sensory re-education.