Hand Therapy Resources

Explore our resources to discover more about hand conditions and how to reduce their impact on your life.

Arthritic joint protection techniques

This guide to dealing with arthritis shows you how to protect your joints and reduce pain.

Protecting your joints from arthritis

Dupuytren’s disease patient guide

Found a bump in the palm of your hand? It could be a sign of Dupuytren’s disease. Find out more in our patient guide.

About Dupuytren’s disease

Post-surgery scar management

Forming functional scars is critical to getting better after surgery. Learn more about different types of scarring, including keloid and hypertrophic scars.

Scar management information

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Suffering from a numb, painful or weak wrist? These symptoms can indicate carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by internal swelling in the wrist.

About carpal tunnel syndrome